Veeam Plugin for VMware vCloud Director (deprecated)


Veeam Backup & Replication 11 introduced an official VCD plugin which replaces this plugin. Only use this plugin if you're running a version prior to v11. If you are looking to upgrade to the new plugin, uninstall this plugin and then follow Veeam instructions for installing the new plugin.

The Veeam Plugin for vCloud Director (VCD) allows the Veeam VCD Self-Service Backup Portal to be accessible natively within the VCD Web UI. It leverages the VCD Extension SDK to make this possible.

This documentation will provide steps for Installing, Configuring, and Using the Veeam Plugin for VCD.

If you're looking for instructions on how to upgrade the Veeam Plugin to the latest version, please click here.


IIS configuration (see step #2 below) must be performed any time you install/upgrade Enterprise Manager.


  1. Install and Configure the Veeam VCD Self-Service Backup Portal (VSSP)
  2. Configure Enterprise Manager IIS web server to support Cross-Origin API requests
  3. Deploy the Veeam Plugin for vCloud Director
  4. Configure the Veeam Plugin for vCloud Director
  5. Tenant Portal Usage Instructions

Note: VSSP must be publicly accessible (default port 9443)

Veeam Plugin Prerequisites

  • Veeam Backup Enterprise Manager (EM) 9.5 Update 4b and newer
  • Supports vCloud Director (VCD) - 10.x
    • vCD 10.x support requires EM 10.x
  • Valid SSL Certificates must be configured for both EM and vCD
    • Self-Signed SSL Certificates need to be trusted by the client before the plugin will work

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