Veeam Plugin Deployment

VMware Plugin Lifecycle Manager

As the VMware Plugin Lifecycle Manager comes pre-installed with vCloud Director 9.7 and newer, it's the easiest method for deploying the Veeam Plugin for VCD. It can also be installed for versions 9.1 & 9.5 using these instructions.


Deployment Steps

  • Download the current plugin
  • Unzip the plugin files
  • Open Customize Portal or Plugin Lifecycle Management from the drop-down in the VCD Provider Portal
    • Example: https://vcd.home.lab/provider

VMware Plugin Lifecycle Manager

  • Upload found in the Veeam Plugin files downloaded
  • Select Scope & Publishing
    • Scope to:
      • Check box for Service Providers
      • Check box for Tenants
    • Publish to:
      • Select as desired. If a tenant is not checked, they will not see the Veeam Plugin for VCD.
  • Finish out the wizard
  • Upon successful deployment, refresh your browser window (or logout/login to VCD)
  • Verify the plugin shows up in the drop-down for VCD entitled Managed Backups:

VCD Drop-Down with Customize Portal

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