Veeam Plugin Deployment


This method of deploying the Veeam Plugin for VCD is best suited for vCloud Director 9.1 & 9.5 but it will work with version 9.7/10.x as well. If VCD 9.7/10.x is being used, it's highly recommended you use the VMware Plugin Lifecycle Manager as it's the easiest deployment method.

Please note that this method of deploying the plugin will make it visible to all VCD Tenants. If a Tenant's Organization is not configured in the VSSP, that Tenant will simply be unable to login to the VSSP.


  • Python 3.4+
  • Python libraries required:
    • requests

Deployment Steps

  • Download the current plugin
  • Unzip the plugin to your computer, open a terminal, & navigate to the plugin folder
  • Modify the values in the manage_plugin.json accordingly for your VCD environment
    • System Administrator account is required

Sample manage_plugin.json:

  "username": "administrator",
  "org": "System",
  "password": "P@$$w0rd",
  "vcdUrlBase": ""
  • Execute the Python script below to upload the plugin to VCD:
python3 ./ register
  • After successfully running the script, refresh your browser window (or logout/login to VCD)
  • Verify the plugin shows up in the drop-down for VCD entitled Managed Backups:

VCD Drop-Down

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